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Low Season

Middle Season

High Season

  • The prices are in euros per day
  • The prices maintain all the services and taxis
  • The shortest stay for all periods is 3 days,apart from the period  1July-21 September that is 5 days 
  • Extra beds for children/adults: 24 euro per day 
  • Arrival at 14:00- Departure from the room 12:00
  • Discounts can be made according to the sort of the booking
  • Exceptionally, in the period from 1/11 up to 31/3 and after agreement, the minimum stay may be 3 nights
Prices per week
In the case when the booking concerns the whole guest-house and for the stay up to 6 people, per week the prices are:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        21/9  - 31/10     247 Euro  per day
-1/11 - 31/12     241 Euro per Day
-1/04 -7/06        247 Euro  per day     
-8/06 -10/07      300 Euro per day
-11/07 -25/08    482 Euro  per day
-26/08 -20/09    300 Euro  per day
For each extra person except for the 6 people,the extra charge is 24 euro per person and per day. Maximun people 12.
Room Capacity
Dimitra: 2 people (plus one extra person in a spacious bed-couch)
Aegean: 2 people (plus one extra person in a spacious bed-couch)
Danae: 2 people   
Renaissance: 2 people (plus two extra people in two spacious bed-couches)
  • Sheet and towel change twice a week
  • Shampoos and Shower gels are given
  • For the winter months woods are given for the fireplace for free
Cancellation Policy
  • No charge for the cancellations 15 days before the arrival date during all the periods apart from the one of July-August where there is no charge in cancellations since 15 days before the arrival date.       
  • Cancellations until 15 days before the arrival date for all the time periods, apart from the one of July - August, and until 30 days for the time period of July-August it's gonna have as a result the charge of 50% of the total price.                   
  • In any case of non showing up or earlier departure it will have as a result the 100% charge of the total price