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Location - Kastellos

The traditional Guest House “Rodanthi” is located at Kastellos village in Apokoronas region in Chania. Kastellos is a picturesque, beautiful, semi-mountainous village built on a hill at an altitude of 210 m.

The village took its name from the abrupt, protected, not easily accessible region on the top of the hill. Its initial place was at the roots of the hill, in “Agkathes” region from where the habitants moved their settlement near the top in order to be protected from the Turks in 1800 AD.

Kastellos is mentioned in the Venetian census of the 16th century as a place with 132 habitants. In 1834, during the Turkish rule, it is mentioned that in the village named “Kastellos” live 20 Christian families. The abrupt hill of Kastellos, its dense vegetation, and the near-by forest allowed the rebels of Chania to find refuge in that region.  What is more, its people have always been one of the first to revolt for freedom.
During the German occupation, 1941-1944, the habitants paid a heavy price due to their resistance against the conqueror.
Kastellos is 46 km far from Chania, 20 km far from Rethymnon and 110 km from Heraklion. All the cities have ports while both Chania and Heraklion have also an airport. Travelling by car takes place through the north road axis of Crete which is the best road network of Crete.